PraytheWorld.org was created as a site to encourage God’s people to pray for what’s happening in the world. You will be given opportunities to pray and intercede for individuals, leaders, world events, etc. There will be calls for prayers posted urging God’s people to intervene.

We all know how powerful and effective prayers are, and we know that God hears and answers our prayers. Therefore, there will be testimonies shared as well celebrating the goodness of God.

Because of the power of prayers, another website developed was: celebritypray.com, where we can all pray for celebrities.

Other websites we are affiliated with are:

  • sheltersofpraise.org – our flagship site.
  • agapedrops.com— a site for encouraging God’s people and helping them to be lifted up in the spirit.
  • promisesofGod.org — a site listing the promises of God.
  • whoisJesus.us– an evangelistic site devoted to the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • praiseoffering.com— a site for God’s people who give all praise for all things to our Father and Jesus Christ.
  • iamanewcreation.com— a site dedicating to helping God’s people know their identity in Christ.

To carry on the work of God’s Kingdom, please feel free to share with others the above sites’ URL. Thank you and God bless.